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Faculty History

USU Faculty of Dentistry was established based on SK Menteri PTIP No. 0048/Sek/PU dated October 19, 1961 and inaugurated on November 3, 1961. The establishment of the Faculty of Dentistry USU is inseparable from the support of the West German government in collaboration with the USU Foundation. In the beginning, the Faculty of Dentistry USU had 2 (two) expert staff lecturers from West Germany and several teaching staff of the Faculty of Dentistry who came from the island of Java and from the Faculty of Medicine.

In the journey of its age which is now almost 60 years old, through various development programs development programs, a lot of advancements have been achieved which has made the Faculty of Dentistry USU developed into its current state. At the present time, the USU Faculty of Dentistry which was the first, the USU Faculty of Dentistry which was the first established as well as the oldest in Sumatra has produced Dentist alumni, Specialist alumni Orthodontic Specialist, Prosthodontic Specialist, Periodontic Specialist, Dental Conservation Specialist, alumni of the Masters and Doctoral programs in Dentistry.

One of the initiatives to anticipate the interest of people who are not accommodated in the regular classes to become undergraduate students at FKG USU, based on the DIKTI permit dated July 15, 2002 (SK No.1412/D/T/2002), then since the academic year 2002 Regular Independent program was announced. The number of foreign students in this program continues to increase every year.

Now, the USU Faculty of Dentistry has received an A accreditation rating for the Academic Study Program (0488/LAM-PTKes/Akr/Sar/VIll/2017) and also for the Professional Study Program (0489/LAM-PTKes/Akr/Pro/VIll/2017).

FKG USU has 11 Departments, 4 Specialist Study Programs, and Masters and Doctoral Study Programs. FKG USU has an Oral and Dental Hospital (RSGM USU) which is a supporting facility for professional and specialist students at the Faculty of Dentistry and also provides services for the general public.

FKG USU also has excellent facilities in the form of Dental Laboratory (Industrial Services Unit) which provides services for dentists in North Sumatra and other regions of Sumatra and also serving professional and specialist students in making dentures.

The establishment of the Faculty of Dentistry in Tri Dharma field in addition to the field of Education, also accommodates the fields of research, and community service. This can be seen that many scientific seminars have been implemented by the USU Faculty of Dentistry one of which is the International Dental Conference of North Sumatra, namely the Seminar which is held in once every three years.

This seminar aims to enhance knowledge for dentists and also to share information in the latest updates related to the field of Dentistry. The output of this seminar also produces publications in the form of a reputable proceeding.

The Faculty of Dentistry also has a means of scientific publications in the form of national level scientific journal that has been accredited ISSN: 1410-1629 with the name "Dentika Dental Journal". Currently, articles in this journal are filled by presenters from within the country and abroad, with the intelligent partners from various universities in Indonesia, Malaysia and Australia.