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Strategies And Targets

Study Program Objective and Achievement Strategy

  1. The establishment of a strong commitment to realize the vision of the Faculty.
  2. The implementation of an international-class learning system that is getting better.
  3. The creation of academic excellence based on natural resources, technology and art with international standards.
  4. The implementation of international standard research and acquisition of international publications and Intellectual Property Rights (IPR).
  5. The implementation of education, research and service as a result of international cooperation.
  6. The internalization of a culture of empathy and community service to improve dental and oral health.
  7. The establishment of a good governance system that can receive international recognition
  8. The internalization of BINTANG character (fearing God Almighty in the frame of diversity, Innovative integrity, Tough and Wise) for the whole civitas academica.
  9. The creation of civitas academica that are able to compete in the global order.

Achievement Strategy

  1. The Faculty manages both regular and fully independent education programs with the completion of the transformation towards an accountable Faculty with reliable governance and committed human resources support by 2020.
  2. The Faculty develops and adjusts the curriculum and learning facilities supported by advances in information and communication technology to support the improvement of the University's reputation towards national achievement with global reach by 2020.
  3. The Faculty develops the teaching and learning process to increase relevance and competitiveness accompanied by equity and exploration of e-learning access.
  4. The Faculty seeks to increase the quantity and quality of teaching and education personnel and increase independence through entrepreneurship.
  5. The faculty improves the influential factors with programs to develop ethical scholarship practices, as follows:
    1. Developing a conducive learning and working climate
    2. Improve the quality of various facilities and infrastructure to support extracurricular activities and student activity units.
    3. Developing the formation of attitudes, morals and ethics and scientific disciplines.
    4. Establishing good relations with agencies / institutions to support extra-curricular activities and student activity units.
  6. The faculty strives to develop data collection and relationships with alumni in the form of:
    1. Strengthening cooperative relationships with alumni, both personally and institutionally, through regular and programmed meetings.
    2. Regular data collection on the existence of alumni.
    3. Requesting input from alumni on curriculum adjustments with the world of work.
    4. Provide opportunities for alumni who are considered experts to give lectures or public lectures in appropriate study programs.