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Faculty of Dentistry USU held development meeting


FKG USU-28/10. FKG USU held a development meeting (musrenbang) which was held at the harper hotel. It was attended by the Faculty Leaders as well as all departments, study programs, and representatives of the dental faculty civitas of the University of North Sumatra on Friday, October 28, 2022.

The event was officially opened by the Dean of the Faculty of Dentistry USU, Dr. drg Essie Octiara, Sp.KGA, who was accompanied by the Vice Dean I (Dr. drg. Olivia Avriyanti Hanafiah, Sp.BM(K)), Vice Dean II (drg. Rini Octavia Nasution, S.H,. M.Kes., Sp.Perio(K)) and Vice Dean III (Dr. drg. Pitu Wulandari, S.Psi., Sp.Perio(K)). In her remarks, the Dean of FKG conveyed that the main points in formulating the necessities for the next year must be in line with the vision and mission of the University in 2023. This was emphasized in order to boost the achievements targeted by the University to be accomplished and be even better.

In the event, it was also discussed the needs required in each department, study programs and others as well as developers related to the Faculty of Dentistry USU, from the smallest things to the fulfillment of large needs such as the construction of learning facilities to the procurement of equipment that supports the teaching and learning process. Furthermore, the musrembang event also addressed the faculty's target in 2023 as well as the strategy in achieving that target. Slightly diverging from the theme of Musrembang events, it also discussed the issues that occur in the faculty to the study program level and discussed the activities that will be carried out.

The length of formulation of Musrembang does not fully allow it to be carried out in a short time, so the meeting only explains the main ideas that will be poured into the attachment file that will be submitted to the university and to fill in the attachment that was carried out at the faculty.