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Fascinating decorations filled the bazaar booths of representatives of FKG USU Departments


FKG USU-4/11. The opening of the Bazaar at the Dies Natalis event of the Faculty of Dentistry USU was conducted by Dr. Essie Octiara, drg.,Sp.KGA (Dean of FKG USU) marked by cutting the ribbon together. It was held at the USU Faculty of Dentistry Parking Lot on November 4, 2022. Present together in the ribbon cutting was the Chairperson of the 61st FKG USU Anniversary committee Ranu Putra Armidin, drg., M.KM and representatives of several lecturers.


The bazaar booths were attended and filled by the representatives of several departments and study programs of FKG USU, and the representatives also decorated some of their stand with used uniform costumes representing their respective departments and study programs. Furthermore, the name of the booth also did not miss the outcome of creative creations, such as the Master’s (S2) and Doctoral (S3) Study Programs naming their booths 'Warung ES2 and ES3'. In addition, sincere efforts were also expressed by adding decorations such as scarecrows. Even though it was raining midway, it did not discourage the booth occupants from serving customers.

It was not only students and civitas FKG USU who became visitors in this activity, this was indicated by the presence of several student representatives from other faculties such as Faculty of Social and Political Sciences (FISIP), Faculty of Chemistry, Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology and other faculties. Ifa, one of the FISIP students said "the event is great, and the types of food here are plentiful and delicious." Ifa also added that this was interesting and wonderful so that she would come again and invite her friends at FISIP.


In addition to the liveliness at the bazaar booth, there was also excitement on the stage which featured several people and started with Indah Akila who brought 2 more performances that made all visitors dissolved in excitement. In addition, the appearance of educators, namely Priska Utami, who sang several dangdut songs, suddenly made the attention of visitors who were present on the stage, and not only that they were dissolved and began to gather in front of the stage to dance together. The energetic dancers representing FKG USU students also attracted the attention of the visitors.

The bazaar stage became very exciting with a special performance from Vice Dean II Rini Octavia Nasution, drg., S.H., M.Kes., Sp.Perio(K) by performing a song from dou group ratu with the title of Mahluk Tuhan Paling Sexy and Wonder Women, all visitors were blown away and immediately joined in singing as if they did not mind the rain that was falling.