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The entire academic staff of the Faculty of Dentistry USU enthusiastically followed the guidance on how to fill in the SKP

20221014 152404

FKG USU-14/10. The Academic Staff of the Faculty of Dentistry USU was given guidance in filling in the SKP which was initiated by the Dean of the Faculty of Dentistry USU to enhance the ability of all of the staff in filling in the SKP.

This socialization was conducted with the aim of providing an understanding in preparing Sasaran Kerja Pegawai (SKP) which will later be used as a reference for every employee in the Faculty of Dentistry, University of North Sumatra. The training, which was held in the Nazir Alwi Room, was guided by the Head of Personnel of the USU Biro SDM Eliza Ambarwenny Rahayu and her supporting staff. In the guidance session for the preparation of Sasaran Kerja Pegawai (SKP) this took place over a period of two hours which was attended by all staff at the Faculty of Dentistry USU.

"The SKP for this year is different from the previous SKP according to the example of differences in this regulation, for example in terms of the format of Sasaran Kerja Pegawai (SKP), where in the previous regulation we just input the activities of our job descriptions into the SKP, while in PermenPAN-RB number 8 of 2022 we are no longer inputting staff activities, but what is evaluated and inputted in the SKP is work performance and work ethic," explained Eliz, the nickname of the Head of Personnel of the USU HR Bureau.

She also mentioned that the important point in filling out the SKP lies in Point 5, namely the Matrix Perang Hasil. And when you have been able to complete this, it is certain that the SKP has been 100% completed properly.