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inci 6

The Faculty of Dentistry (FKG USU) held a PORSENI (Sports and Arts Week) competition which was participated by all students from health-related faculties throughout Indonesia in order to welcome the 61st Anniversary of FKG USU. This INCISIVAL activity started from the PORSENI competition, both academic and national, one-day seminar, social services, bazaar, fun walk, and many other activities in welcoming this DIES NATALIS FKG USU. This national Porseni Competition was also assisted by USU FKG PEMA.

The national PORSENI activity took place from October 25-30, 2022. There are 3 sports that are competed in this National PORSENI, namely Futsal, Badminton, and e-sports (Mobile Legends). This activity was enlivened by pre-clinical students, co-assistants, alumni, lecturers, staff employees from various universities in Sumatra and Java. Badminton with 9 teams in men's doubles and 6 teams in women's doubles, futsal with 11 teams, and Mobile Legends with 12 teams.

The Dean of the Faculty of Dentistry, USU, Dr. drg. Essie Octiara, Sp. KGA. In her opening remarks, she expressed her hope that this PORSENI activity can take place well and can establish good relations between fellow students in the health-related faculties between FKG USU students and other students. Chairperson of the Dies Natalis, drg. Ranu Putra Armidin, delivered his opening remarks that this PORSENI competition is expected to strengthen the ties of friendship with all students of health-related faculties in Indonesia. This competition activity is carried out with a group-elimination system and a hybrid system for Mobile Legends matches. This activity took place with great enthusiasm from each participating team to fight for victory.