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Department of Periodontics

The Department of Periodontics, formerly known as the Periodontology Section was established in 1967.

Periodontics is a branch of dentistry that studies the treatment of periodontal diseases/disorders, namely initial treatments of periodontal diseases/disorders such as scaling, root planing, curettage procedures, flap surgery, and simple gingivectomy in cases of periodontal disorders with bone damage as well as following up on treatment results and maintenance of periodontal tissues.

The Department of Periodontics has 7 teaching staff with qualifications of 1 Doctoral, 6 Periodontics Specialist Consultants, and 2 Masters. The names of the staff are as follows:

  1. Dr. Pitu Wulandari, drg., Sp.Perio(K)
  2. Irma Ervina, drg., Sp.Perio(K)
  3. Aini Hariyani, drg., Sp.Perio(K)
  4. Rini Octavia Nasution, drg., M.Kes, Sp.Perio(K)
  5. Armia Syahputra, drg., Sp.Perio(K)
  6. Martina Amalia, drg., Sp.Perio(K)
  7. Zulkarnain, drg., M.Kes

The Department of Periodontics has specialist teaching staff with certain expertise:

  1. Treatment of supporting tissues of the teeth (gums, alveolar bone, periodontal ligament, and cementum)
  2. Management of periodontal treatment in multidisciplinary cases such as medically compromised patients or the field of periodontal medicine.
  3. Treatment of periodontal flap surgery, implant placement, gum graft surgery, or the field of periodontal reconstruction