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Department of Orthodontics

The Department of Orthodontics was established in 1965 after the first batch of students from the USU Faculty of Dentistry began studying clinical sciences.

Orthodontics is a branch of Dentistry that studies dental, skeletal, or facial disorders related to developmental, functional, and aesthetic disorders. Besides that, it also studies preventive, interceptive orthodontic cases, and curative measures in craniodentofacial disorders.

The Orthodontics Department has 12 teaching staff with qualifications of 1 Professor, 2 Doctors, 12 Orthodontic Specialists with 8 Consultants, and 3 Masters. The names of the staff are as follows:

  1. Nazruddin,drg.,C.Ort.,Ph.D.,Sp.Ort(K)
  2. Ervina Softyanti, drg.,Sp.Ort(K)
  3. Muslim,drg.,Sp.Ort(K)
  4. Siti Bahirrah,drg.,Sp.Ort(K)
  5. Hilda Fitria Lubis,drg.,Sp.Ort( K)
  6. Mimi Marina Lubis, drg., Sp.Ort
  7. Erliera, drg., Sp. Ort(K)
  8. Mutia Amalia Nasution, drg., M. Biomed, Sp.Ort
  9. Erna Sulistyawati, drg., Sp.Ort(K)
  10. Aditya Rachmawati, drg., Sp.Ort(K)
  11. Teguh Aryo Nugroho, drg., Sp.Ort., MDSc.
  12. Tanti Deriaty, drg., Sp.Ort., MDSc.

The Department of Orthodontics has specialist teaching staff who are experts in the fields of:

  1. Detecting jaw and teeth abnormalities as well as bad oral habits from the age of growth and development
  2. Correcting jaw and teeth anomalies
  3. Surgical treatment of craniofacial deformities cases with a multidisciplinary approach