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Oral Medicine

Department of Oral Medicine

Oral Medicine is a branch of dentistry that studies in-depth the oral health care of patients with and without systemic disease that requires non-surgical management. A dentist must master and be able to diagnose oral disease lesions that are often found in Indonesia.

The Department of Oral Medicine has 6 teaching staff with qualifications of 1 Doctoral, 2 Oral Medicine Specialists, and 4 Masters. The names of the staff are as follows:

  • Dr. Wilda Hafni Lubis, drg., MSi
  • Sayuti Hasibuan, drg., Sp.PM
  • Nurdiana, drg., Sp.PM
  • Indri Lubis, drg., MDSc
  • Aida Fadhilla Darwis, drg., MDSc
  • Pocut Astari, drg., M.Biomed

The Department of Oral Medicine has specialist teaching staff with certain expertise:

  1. Diagnosis and treatment of oral health in medically compromised patients
  2. Non-surgical management of disorders or diseases affecting the oral region and its surroundings