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Dental Radiology

Department of Dental Radiology

The Department of Dental Radiology is the youngest. Initially, this department was known as the Dental Radiology Unit. The Dental Radiology Unit was formerly known as the Oral Roentgenology Laboratory, which was established in 1968. In 2020, it was changed into the Department of Dental Radiology with the USU Rector's Decree No. 2909/UN5.1.R/SK/SPB/2020. Dental Radiology is a branch of Dentistry that studies dental radiology to support preclinical and clinical skills, as well as research in the field of dentistry, by producing x-rays of teeth, jaws, and skull bones, as well as being able to interpret the results of intra-oral and extra-oral radiology examinations in general.

The Department of Dental Radiology has 5 teaching staff with qualifications of 1 Professor and 1 Doctor, 3 Dental Radiology Specialists with 2 Consultants and 3 Masters. The names of the staff are as follows:

  1. Prof. Dr. Trelia Boel, drg., M. Kes., Sp.RKG(K)
  2. Dewi Kartika, drg., MDSc.
  3. Cek Dara Manja, drg., Sp.RKG
  4. Lidya Irani Nainggolan, drg., Sp.RKG(K)
  5. Maria Novita Helen Sitanggang, drg., MDSc.

The Department of Dental Radiology has specialist teaching staff who are competent in the fields of:

  • Interpretation of diagnostic images of craniofacial structures in the stomatognathic system
  • Diagnostic imaging of complex cases, including special technical radiography with conventional diagnostic imaging devices and modern digital-based (3D) imagers to obtain information in the field of dentistry